Nautilus 7600I

The MoniMax7600I is a full service island ATM. Consumers can deposit cash and receive dispensed cash and transaction records through openings in the fascia. Installed in drive-up locations or shopping center parking areas, the island ATM is a versatile, easily maintained delivery system that can be modified to keep pace with the bank’s changing needs

Proven deposit automation technology is provided from in-house designed and manufactured envelope-free deposit modules.
The Monimax 7600i provides continual deposit and cash service to customers with industry-leading uptime rates.
Easy to deploy, highly scalable
The Monimax 7600i’s footprint allows easy installation into virtually any existing location.
Enhanced Security
The 7600i is equipped with dual UL level 1 safes for the depository and cash dispensing unit. Advanced security features include heat and vibration sensors, security alarms, and anti-skimming devices.
Nautilus 7600I FI Bunker Style ATM
System Control
Microsoft® Windows 7® platform
Intel® Pentium®-IV processor or higher
NDC+, DDC912, User Application
Customer Display
15″ color TFT LCD

  • Privacy filter
  • Sunlight readable
TCP/IP (SSL configurable)
Input Type
PCI EPP (Encrypting PIN pad)
Function keys
ADA compliant

  • Touch screen
  • Tilting screen
Supervisor Operation
TFT color LCD, touch screen
Card Handling
Dip-type card reader

  • IC card reader EMV Level 1, 2 compliant
  • Anti-skimming
  • Motor-driven card reader
Cash Dispensing
3,000-notes cassette, up to four cassettes
Bundle retraction
Automatic shutter
Envelope depository

  • Bundle check scanner and acceptor
  • Bundle note acceptor
3.1″ graphical thermal receipt printer
5,000 transaction receipt printer
Electronic journal

  • Journal printer
  • Statement printer
UL291 Level 1 safe
Electronic safe lock

  • KABA Mas Cencon safe lock
  • security camera
  • seismic and heat sensors and alarm
Lead-through indicator
Illuminated signage
Rear-view mirror

  • Extreme-weather heater, A/C
Power Supply
AC 110-240V, 50-60 Hz
Back-up battery
Operating Environment
Temperature: -31°F-122°F (-35 °C-50 °C)
Humidity: 5%-85% (with climate control device)
Dimension and Weight
Height: 56.7″ (1,439 mm)
Width: 41.3″ (1,048 mm)
Depth: 36″ (914.4 mm)
Weight: 2,182 lbs (990 kg) w/ env. deposit (Preliminary specifications, subject to change)


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