Hyosung MoniSafe 500

Increased Speed and Security for Superior Branch Efficiency
The MoniSafe 500 teller cash recycler is a powerful solution in the transformation of the retail banking branch
channel. The MoniSafe 500 greatly improves the automation of cash transactions, allowing tellers to provide
more customer-centric service and increase cross-selling of bank products and services. Better management of
your cash means efficiency, growth and the opportunity to position your branches for the future of retail banking.

7 recycling cassettes
Continuous Feed Input Module
Deposit and dispense 200 notes per transaction
Separate slot deposit, reject and dispense
Interchangeable cassette with Monimax cash recycling ATMs

Hyosung MoniSafe 500

System Control
Microsoft® Windows ®
Customer Interface
7” Wide LCD with Touch Screen
Display Unit Status, Note counting and guidance messages
Error or Jamming point display
UL291 Level-1
Power Supply
AC 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
Operating Environment
Temperature: 5°C~ 40°C (41°F – 104°F)
Humidity: 25% ~ 85%
Height: 36.22” (920mm)
Width: 16.85” (428mm)
Depth: 34.29” (871mm)
Weight: 970lbs. (440kg)
Additional Features
In-use button
Counting Feature
    • With Note Validation
    • Without Note Validation
Note serial number recognition
Fitness Sorting
Multi-Channel Communications
Cash Handling
Continuous Feed Input Module
Individual Dispense and Reject Slots
    • 200-Note Dispense Slot
    • 50-Note Reject Slot
Cash Handling Speed
    •Deposit – 12 Notes Per Second
    •Dispense – 12 Notes Per Second
    •Note Counting Only – 20 Notes Per Second
6 Recycling Cassettes plus 1 Overflow Cassette
    •3 Large-Size Recycling Cassettes (2,850 nominal capacity)*
    •3 Medium-Size Recycling Cassettes (800 nominal capacity)*
    •1 Large-Size Overflow Cassette (2,850 nominal capacity)*
External Transit Cassette (2,850 nominal capacity)*
    •Securely Moves Cash Within the Branch or Among Different Locations
    •Interchangeable with Other Hyosung Teller Cash Recyclers and Branch Transformation Units
Self-Audit Capability


External Transit Cassette
Experience a more secure and efficient cash management environment. Cash can be directly loaded from and unloaded to an external transit cassette, decreasing manual cash handling, risk for branch personnel and fraudulent activity. The external cassette may be used to transfer cash to other MoniSafe 500 and Monisafe 400 recyclers or Hyosung branch transformation terminals or simply stored in the branch vault for later use.
The MoniSafe 500 provides the option to self-audit its content without the need to physically remove cash from the unit. Cash in each recycling cassette is counted and audited by first moving it to the overflow cassette and then back to the original cassette.
The MoniSafe 500 decreases customer wait times and reduces teller counting errors. Buying and selling of cash from the branch vault is minimized, and cash is available at the teller line throughout the day, creating new levels of operational efficiency.
Speed and Continuous Feed
By virtue of its extraordinary deposit and dispensing speed, the MoniSafe 500 gets the job done quickly. Continuous feed capability also allows bulk deposit processing with no note limit.
Serving as a vault, the MoniSafe 500 boasts one of the largest storage capacities on the market. Intelligent recycling cassettes are housed in a secure safe.
A touch screen offers unsurpassed convenience and real-time visibility of cash balances. The MoniSafe 500 can be shared between multiple tellers.
The MoniSafe 500 dramatically reduces branch start-of-day, end-of-day and balancing procedures. Tellers are ready to work immediately upon branch opening without time-consuming cash handling procedures. Real-time cash verification, auditing on every transaction and end-of-day verification make closing procedures faster and more accurate.
The MoniSafe 500 intelligent cassette storage technology allows for internal cassettes to be configured in different combinations, thus accommodating a wide range of branch cash models.  Cassettes are interchangeable among other MoniSafe 500 cash recyclers and other Hyosung branch transformation terminals.