Hyosung 7800i


Hyosung 7800i Branch Transformation


System Control
° Microsoft® Windows 7® Platform
° Intel processor
Customer Interface
° 21.5” Landscape Display
° Web camera – includes video
camera and microphone
° ID Scanner
Cash Dispensing
° Up to five 3,000 note cassettes
° Coin Dispenser (optional)
Card Reader / Input Type
° EMV Level 1; dip or motorized
° PCI – 3.0 Keyboard
° Cash and check accept
° Supports mixed media single insertion bunch deposit
° 3.1” graphic thermal receipt printer
Power Supply
° AC 110-240 V, 50-60 Hz
° Backup battery (Reserving last transaction and safe shutdown)
Operating Environment
° Temperature: 35°C~ 50°C  (31°F – 122°F)
° UL291 Level-1 Safe
° KABA Mas Cencon lock
° Security camera – hand and face
Dimensions *
° Height: 59.14” (1,502mm)
° Width: 43.58” (1,108mm)
° Depth: 38.94” (989.5mm)
° Weight: 2,182lbs. (990kg)

*Preliminary specifications, subject to change

Financial Institutions are fundamentally changing the way consumers are served, and Hyosung is the ideal partner to deliver the tools and expertise for driving this change. Hyosung Branch Transformation solutions have been designed to facilitate the seamless migration of transactions from the teller line to selfservice.  Complementing the extensive range of offers Hyosung delivers inside the branch, the MX7800i extends the reach of transformative solutions to the drive-thru lanes and to other remote exterior locations. The MX7800i is a multi-function, free-standing island terminal, which is much more than a simple ATM. Standard features and state-of-the art software enable consumers to perform autonomously traditional ATM functions and many teller transactions typically delivered in the branch drive-thru. And, more complex activities are completed at this terminal with the use of powerful, on-demand remote video assistance. Video solutions from Hyosung coupled with innovative integrated software, provide the latest in branch transaction automation through the self-service channel.
• Flexible support for delivering transactions through selfservice
or with the support of video agents
• A footprint that enables placement in the area/space
currently inhabited by a traditional ATM or pneumatic
• A user interface specifically adapted to accommodate a
wide range of drive-thru teller transactions
• A 21” screen that enables intuitive self-service interaction
and the highest quality video banking experience in the
SERVICE• Innovative design and the use of Hyosung manufactured
core technologies allows for fast, easy replenishment and
reduced downtime
• High capacity cash dispense capability and the ability to
support large mixed media deposits
FLEXIBILITY• Provides for a variety of ways to authenticate the customer
and authorize transactions
• Deliver transactions via both self-service or video assistance
• The small footprint enables a wide variety of placement
FUNCTIONALITY• The MX7800I provides for the delivery of an unparalleled
range of transactions when deployed in conjunction
with Nautilus Hyosung’s innovate integrated software
approaches, and powerful video assistance solutions
• The hardware is enabled for supporting a wide range of
transactions typically delivered in the drive-thru

• Legendary Hyosung reliability and quality support services